I have been a working Photographer for over 40 years. I was first a Commercial/Advertising photographer starting in Washington DC and then in Dallas, TX. I worked with important clients on the east coast and across the southwest. My specialty was beauty and fashion and I worked for big clients like Saks 5th Avenue, Niemen Marcus, JC Penney's, Mary Kay cosmetics and many others. After tiring of the commercial rat-race I retired (briefly) and moved to Arizona where I began a second career as a teacher. First in high school and after moving to the Prescott area at Yavapai College. The two year program I taught at Metro Tech HS was the top program in the State of Arizona and my former students are now working photographers and teachers.  I am always involved in the Photographic Arts and my work now is in the Fine Art arena. I am very honored to be a part of the Jerome Artists Coop Gallery and The Gallery in Williams and I look forward to a long association with both Gallery's and their exceptional Artists.

While I have been working for many years my abilities and interest in creating new and exciting images is stronger than it has ever been. I continue to "Mentor" local professional photographers and stay in touch with many of my former students and friends across the country. 

My approach to Fine Art Photography is basically fairly simple. I find aspects in our ever-changing world and I "interpret" them as I saw them or as I wanted them to look. I shoot vignettes of life, not just famous sites and places, and I speak to my audience through my images. I am constantly trying new ideas, going back and working with older images using new ideas and methods to better interpret them. I want those that purchase my work to be surprised, reflective and intrigued by what I see, how I see it and how my images are presented.


Thank you,

David Neely





Email:  dmneely@Gmail.com      |        www.dneelyfineart.com